Computerised vs Manual Bookkeeping

This is a topic of conversation that keeps coming up with clients.

  • What benefits will computerised accounts give me?
  • What computer programme should I choose and what will it cost?
  • Can you teach me how to use it?

The list of questions goes on. So I decided to write this blog to take you through some of the benefits of computerised bookkeeping.

In reality, whether you choose manual bookkeeping or computerised bookkeeping the end result should be the same. Either method should end in the same set of “Management Accounts”.

Computerised Bookkeeping
  • What benefits will computerised accounts give me?
    By keeping your daily/weekly/monthly accounts on a computerised system you can get an instant picture of the health of your business. Maybe you need to approach the bank for a loan, or want to see the profit for a certain month. If you are VAT registered, the return can be produced from the system, taking into consideration of the elements that the HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) need, being able to see at anytime how much you are due to pay or receive. With computerised bookkeeping this is all pretty much at the touch of a button, a real benefit if you want to keep abreast of your company´s progress.
  • What computer programme should I chose and how much will it cost?
    There are many different computer programmes out there on the market with varying costs. It really depends on who will be doing the bookkeeping, what your requirements are and for example whether you employ staff. Well known computerised bookkeeping packages are “Sage” and “Quickbooks” but there are many more.
  • Can you teach me how to use it?
    Of course I can teach you how to use the system. In my experience however, it is having an understanding of the impact of putting in a financial record that is harder to comprehend or teach. I have studied hard to become a certified bookkeeper in Horsham, and I have had practice which enables me to ensure everything is accounted for in the right place. As an example understanding what an asset is - Can it be off set against my profit or does it need to go in as a balance sheet item?
You Can Of Course Leave It To The Sussex Bookkeeper

The Sussex Bookkeeper in Horsham are experts at bookkeeping. We understand where expenses and revenue should be allocated and why. Our experience helps us make these decisions and understand the effect they will have. By letting us carry out the financial work you gain precious time to add value to your business, bring in more revenue and get paid for your expertise. If you have any further questions or need a little help then feel free to give me a call at The Sussex Bookkeeper in Horsham.

Leisa Turnbull